Viva!'s Piggles fights for Britain's pigs

A special delivery for Derbyshire County Council

A special delivery to Derbyshire County Council! Piggles hand delivers thousands of your handsigned objections against the proposed mega pig farm in Foston, 22 July 2013.

A special delivery for Derbyshire County Council!

Derbyshire County Council Acting Chief Executive Ian Stephenson (left) accepts thousands of Viva! objections from Piggles. Right is James Davies of Foston Community Forum, July 22 2013.

Piggles at the Foston Pig Prison Protest, 18 May 2011.

Piggles in Bath, 13 February 2009.

Piggles at a demonstration in Lincoln, 17 May 2006.



Viva! Foston Pig Prison Protest - 18 May 2011

Viva! were joined by Foston locals, our mascot Piggles and Derby Animal Rights to protest against the proposed massive pig farm planned for the area. 26,000 pigs will be incarcerated at what will be Britain's biggest ever pig farm. This will be nothing short of a pig prison.


Viva! Pig Appeal

Almost all pigs raised for meat in Britain are factory farmed indoors in overcrowded, ill-lit, filthy conditions that cause extreme discomfort and stress to these intelligent animals.

Every time they give birth, most breeding pigs spend a month or more in a metal farrowing crate so small they can barely move.

Contrary to the image painted by the British pig industry and the Government, most pigs never see any bedding and spend their lives on dirty, wet concrete. Unsurprisingly, diseases are rife and so is the use of drugs and antibiotics.




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